О фототуре Алексея Трофимова

О фототуре Алексея Трофимова

Traveling past 9 years all over the world. I was in the most remote places of our planet. Unfortunately, very little I traveled to Russia. I am very pleased that took the opportunity to go to Lake Baikal in winter with Alexey Trofimov.

Long thought to go with someone of the guides to go to Lake Baikal. There were a lot of proposals. Alex is the only photographer-guide who organizes and carries out real authentic tours. In his tours unforgettable impressions.

Baikal is just beautiful, especially when next to you do not have hundreds of tourists. Alexey and his team know how to choose the most interesting routes.

I was in his photo expedition in March 2016. Once again, I will go with him in March 2017!
If you want to experience the real life of the Baikal winter, the choice is only one, Alexey Trofimov.

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